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Let’s face it—tanning is a seasonal business. Traditionally, tanning salons have had to learn how to tough it out during the slow season. By adding the Cocoon Wellness Pro System to their service offerings, many tanning salons have found that it is possible to make their businesses year round money machines! It’s always the season for Cocoon services which are popular spring, summer, fall or winter….view more


During the past decade, many fitness clubs are following the model created by the very successful high-volume/low-priced fitness chains in the U.S. that began offering “premium” memberships as a way to generate higher revenues. Many clubs have found that adding the exciting and unique Cocoon Wellness Pro System to their premium amenities available with upgraded memberships can significantly increase sales of premium memberships…..view more


Hotels who purchase the Cocoon Wellness Pro System will find that it allows the hotel to promote its convenient spa services with every stay. The Cocoon can help your hotel increase occupancy in addition to increasing guest loyalty and the guest experience. Spas and day spas will find that the Cocoon helps boost revenues and enhances many of the spa services already being provided….view more

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The Wellness-USA distribution agreement will provide exclusivity to a certain market and geographic territory (i.e spa, beauty, tanning, fitness, nail salon, resort, hotel….)
Wellness-USA is committed to supporting our distributors and helping them succeed in every way possible.


About Us


Wellness USA, Inc. designs and distributes a line of exciting new affordable products (Residential and Commercial) for the wellness, fitness, beauty and spa markets. These new products focus on services that further the integration of mind/body wellness that has seen explosive growth during the past several years.

The principals of the company bring a combined total of over 100 years of experience in the global development and distribution of wellness, fitness, spa equipment and products.The product line builds on over 25 years of experience featuring the highest quality time-tested components available today.

wellness-event-clientOur mission is to improve and enhance the overall wellness of people through the use of our multi-sensory 21st century personal Wellness technology.  We help people feel better, look better, reduce stress and increase their energy level. Wellness is a social responsibility and we are committed to engaging solutions to help people achieve a healthy Wellness lifestyle.


 Note: The Cocoon is not a medical device. Only your doctor can recommend specific sauna benefits for you.  Never consume alcohol before entering the Cocoon.  Be sure you are well hydrated before and after use.  Do not use if you are pregnant or have a heart condition.  Wellness USA Inc. makes no claims as to the specific benefits of its Cocoon use for individual users.