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Avoid Reduced Revenues During Slow Season

Let’s face it—tanning is a seasonal business. Traditionally, tanning salons have had to learn how to tough it out during the slow season. Adding the Cocoon Wellness Pod to their service offerings makes it possible for their businesses to be profitable year-round! It’s always the season for Cocoon services!

Adding the Cocoon to your business creates excitement and brings in brand new customers! Offering the Cocoon shows that you strive to provide your customers with the highest value.

Market Differentiator

Competition for a limited supply of clients has always been a challenge for tanning salons. With new centers popping up, it’s important to stand apart from the crowd. An easy way to separate yourself from the competition is to add the Cocoon Wellness pod. Clients will instantly know you are on the cutting edge of the wellness industry by adding the wide variety of Cocoon services to your service menu.

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Increase Revenues without Increased Overhead

The Cocoon pod will encourage your clients to return again and again for year-round pampering and wellness. Because the Cocoon allows you to offer your clients self-automated services, your business will not experience increased labor costs. Cocoon services require minimal time expenditure by your staff. The entire service—other than minimal set-up and clean-up– is done by the Cocoon pod itself!

Sessions and packages on the Cocoon can be sold independently or bundled together with other services. Adding Cocoon sessions to current packages make it an effective ‘sales tool’ to help sell more of everything you offer. For example, products become fast sellers when you combine a few ‘free’ sessions on the Cocoon with each purchase.

Dampen Revenue Reductions Resulting from Recent Regulations

Regulations relating to the 10% “tanning tax” and proposed regulations that would bar anyone under the age of 18 from using tanning beds have had a significant impact on the economics of the tanning industry during the past decade. One trade group estimated that over 10,000 tanning salons closed in the U.S. since 2010. One way for a salon to counter the lost revenue resulting from the challenging regulatory environment is to add the Cocoon Wellness pod. Adding the wide array of spa services available with the Cocoon pod will instantly increase your ability to sell more spa packages and encourage your clients to return again and again for year-round pampering and wellness.