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Wellness Profit Opportunities | Salons, Spas & Med Spas

The popularity of salons and spas have made it hard for the average business to stand apart from the competition. Adding the Cocoon Wellness pod is a unique way to put your business ahead of the market. Businesses find that the Cocoon helps boost revenues and enhance many of the spa services already being provided.

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Enhance Spa Services and Packages

Adding the wide array of spa services available with the Cocoon sauna pod will instantly increase your ability to sell more spa packages. The infrared sauna benefits will also encourage your guests and clients to return again and again.

Pod services can be added as a stand-alone service or be included in your spa packages and individual services. Some of the ways the sauna pod can be incorporated into your salon or spa are:

  • Before or After Massage Services
  • Extra Relaxation During a Facial
  • Muscle Tension Relief
  • Full Body Skin Services
  • Relaxation Services
  • And much more!

Minimal Space and Low Costs

The Cocoon Wellness pod does not require a large amount of space. Its sleek design fits easily into most salons and spas. As an added benefit, it does not require any extra installation or plumbing. A simple electrical outlet is all you need to start using the infrared sauna pod in your business today!

The sauna pod has extremely low operating costs and is easy to clean. Furthermore, it does not require additional staff to operate. Its attendant-free operation makes the pod an easy return on your investment.