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Wellness Profit Opportunities | Hotels

Hotels who purchase the Cocoon Wellness pod will find that it allows them to promote spa services with every stay. The Cocoon can help hotels increase occupancy in addition to increasing guest loyalty and the guest experience.

Enhance Your Stay

Customers who visit hotels have an enhanced infrared sauna experience with the sauna pod. It is versatile and delivers instant relaxation and escape. Perfect for the stressful demands of everyday life and travel.

Most importantly, sauna pods are an easy addition to hotels. They require minimal space and no extra installation or plumbing. Just a simple electrical outlet is all you need to start enjoying infrared sauna benefits. The sauna pods can easily be installed in a pool area, a spa or fitness room, or a traditional hotel room. You decide what works best for your business.

Low Maintenance and Operating Costs

The Cocoon sauna pod is a self-automated device. That means that it does not require additional staff to operate. The entire service is performed by the Cocoon pod itself! And because the overhead cost to run the sauna pod is so low, your business will be returning profits on the machine faster than other spa and wellness devices. For added benefit, the Cocoon pod requires minimal set-up and maintenance cleaning!

Enhances Guest Loyalty Programs and Upgrades

Making the Cocoon Wellness pod available to your guests will increase your ability to sell upgraded room packages. They can easily fit into a traditional hotel room or additional spa room. They are also a great incentive for your guests and clients to enroll in your loyalty programs. Or, offer them as a stand-alone add-on to weary travels who need to relax.

Market Differentiator

Wellness services are becoming more popular in the US. To meet this demand, hotels have been implementing spa services into their business plans. The competition is increasingly fierce. One quick and easy way to separate yourself from the competition is to add the Cocoon Wellness pod to your hotel. Clients will instantly know you are on the cutting edge of the industry by adding the wide variety of hot massage services to your wellness services.