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Wellness Profit Opportunities | Fitness Centers

Fitness Centers around the US aren’t just “basic gyms” anymore. Most successful fitness centers find that their wellness is just as important as being physically fit. Full spas and spa services are being added to major chains to help provide these in-demand services. Adding the Cocoon Wellness Pod is an easy way to incorporate or expand spa services inside a fitness center. It provides health and wellness benefits, and it can also help customers achieve higher fitness goals.

Premium Memberships

Recently, spa services have become common within the larger fitness clubs. “Premium memberships” are now upgrades from standard memberships to include these services. Fitness Centers have found that the Cocoon Wellness Pod is an easy option to add or expand their spa services. It is an excellent way for a club to instantly stand apart from the competition. Fitness Centers that add the Cocoon Wellness Pod significantly increase sales of premium memberships.

Member Recruitment & Retention

Member recruitment and retention are crucial for the survival of a fitness club. The Cocoon Wellness Pod has a dramatic impact on the recruitment of new members and the retention of existing members. The Cocoon Pod is rapidly becoming a popular attraction at many of the premier fitness chains in the world. Successful clubs understand the importance of providing wellness benefits to their members beyond the traditional health club offerings.

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FitBed for Optimal Fitness Results

Each Cocoon Wellness Pod has resistance bands and preset exercise programs for training that goes beyond the gym floor. Clients find that the combination of exercise and a high heat session helps them achieve their fitness goals faster. If you have a customer stuck in a plateau or struggling to get to their next fitness level, offer them a series of Cocoon sessions to help.

The FitBed high heat session help clients burn calories during their session. With the infrared lighting inside the Cocoon, they are able to experience calorie burning effects 4 to 12 hours after their session has ended. When clients immediately feel leaner and less bloated after their sessions, they’ll want to come back again!

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Spa Services: The New Dimension of Fitness

Many fitness clubs and chains have added spa services such as massage, tanning, face, and body treatments to some degree. This helps them stand out from the competition and increase revenues. And, the Cocoon Wellness pod is easy to add to any fitness center. It requires minimal space and only requires an electrical outlet to operate.

Whether your club has already started adding spa services or is looking to expand what they offer, the Cocoon Wellness Pod will be a welcome addition to your center’s offerings.