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Wellness Profit Opportunities | Corporate Wellness

More Productive Employees

Companies are incorporating more fitness and wellness programs into their offices than ever before. They know that healthy employees equal a healthy business. Corporate employees find that the pod is easy to use and a great way to start or end their day.

The Cocoon Wellness Pod promotes wellness programs that help corporations become a more successful workplace. Employees want to make healthy lifestyle changes to avoid chronic diseases and illnesses. Poor health doesn’t just cause higher medical costs – it reduces productivity and impacts the bottom line.

Reduce Costs For Your Company

Research indicates that 50% of our health status is determined by lifestyle choices. Employers investing in employee wellness show a return of $3 for every dollar invested in wellness. Wellness programs have resulted in overwhelming corporate health improvements:

  • Health claim costs reduced by 28%
  • Physician visits reduced by 17%
  • Hospital admissions reduced by 63%
  • Disability costs reduced by 34%
  • Incidence of injury reduced by 25%

Power Nap Feature

Cocoon sauna pods also feature a “Power Nap” feature to help re-energize employees during a long day’s work. Studies show that 15-minute “power naps” are restorative and boost energy and productivity levels.

The cushioned ergonomic bed, soothing massage, fresh salt air breeze, and relaxing aroma instantly unwind and recharges even the most tired person. In a few minutes, the Cocoon helps restore mental acuity and pleasing mindfulness in a restful and calming private wellness pod.

Low Overhead Costs and Maintenance

The Cocoon Wellness pod is inexpensive to run and maintain. As an added benefit for the workplace, it requires no additional staff. It’s user-friendly interface and design make it easy for anyone to use and care for. Experience the infrared sauna benefits in your workplace today!