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Wellness Profit Opportunities

The Cocoon is the Industry’s Premiere Health, Wellness, & Weight Loss System. The health and wellness industry is a growing market that has shown no signs of slowing down. Consumers constantly look for new ways to improve their health and maximize their fitness goals. The demand for new and effective ways to improve wellness and weight loss goals is here. Fill the demand.

Increased Profits

While the Cocoon Wellness Pod is a proven profit center, it will also provide your business with one of the industry’s most effective marketing tools. It offers low per-session operating costs, universal appeal, and attendant free operation. The Cocoon pod fits easily into the marketing goals of any business focused on the wellness of their clients.

Easy Installation

The integration of Cocoon Wellness Pod in your center is simple, with minimal installation. The fully automated system offers the advantages of small floor space and does not require any particular plumbing or specific configuration. Just a simple electrical outlet and you can immediately offer a wide range of automated wellness services.

Support and Assistance

When you purchase a Cocoon Wellness pod we make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. If you encounter any unexpected problems, our customer service staff is just a phone call away! We are able to assist you with any technical or operational problems you may have.