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Hotels who purchase the Cocoon Wellness Pro System will find that it allows the hotel to promote its convenient spa services with every stay. The Cocoon can help your hotel increase occupancy in addition to increasing guest loyalty and the guest experience. Spas and day spas will find that the Cocoon helps boost revenues and enhances many of the spa services already being provided.

Enhance Your Guests’ Experiences

The experience of every guest or client who visits your establishment will be enhanced with the Cocoon POD because of its versatility and ability to deliver instant relaxation and escape from the stressful demands of everyday life.

Add Additional Revenues without Additional Overhead

Adding the wide array of spa services available with the Cocoon POD will instantly increase your ability to sell more spa packages and encourage your guests and clients to return again and again. In addition, because the Cocoon allows you to offer your unattended (self-automated) services, your spa or hotel will not  experience increased labor costs. Cocoon services require minimal time expenditure by your staff because the entire service—other than minimal set-up and clean-up– is performed by the Cocoon POD itself!



Enhances Guest Loyalty Programs and Upgrades

Making the Cocoon Wellness Pro System available to your guests and clients will increase your ability to sell upgraded service packages and furnish a great incentive for your guests and clients to enroll in your loyalty or “frequent user” programs.

Market Differentiator

Since spas became popular in the United States and many hotels added spa services to their offerings, the competition has grown increasingly fierce. In order to survive the omnipresent threat of having their market share diminished by new entrants to the local marketplace, spas and hotels have been forced to become more creative in differentiating themselves from the competition. One quick and easy way to separate yourself from the competition is to add the Cocoon Wellness Pro System to your spa or hotel. Clients will instantly know you are on the cutting edge of the industry by adding the wide variety of hot massage services to your spa service menu.