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Premium Memberships

During the past decade, many fitness clubs are following the model created by the very successful high-volume/low-priced fitness chains in the U.S. that began offering “premium” memberships as a way to generate higher revenues. Many clubs have found that adding the exciting and unique Cocoon Wellness Pro System to their premium amenities available with upgraded memberships can significantly increase sales of premium memberships.  

New Member Recruitment and Member Retention

Nothing is more important to the survival of a fitness club than the recruitment of new members and retention of existing members. The Cocoon Wellness Pro System has also had a dramatic impact on both the recruitment of new members and the retention of existing members for many fitness chains and clubs. The Cocoon is rapidly becoming a popular attraction at many of the premier fitness chains in the world because successful clubs understand the importance of providing both excitement and wellness benefits to their members beyond the standard (traditional) health club offerings such as aerobic and strength equipment.



Market Differentiator

Recent years have seen the advent of a variety of “spa services” being offered within the larger fitness clubs in addition to “premium memberships” being offered as upgrades from standard memberships. Adding the revolutionary Cocoon Wellness Pro System to a fitness club on its own or as part of premium (upgraded) memberships has been found to be an excellent way for a club to instantly stand apart from the competition.   

Spa Services: The New Dimension of Fitness

Many fitness clubs and chains have added spa services such as massage, tanning, face and body treatments to some degree during the past decade to help them stand out from the competition and to increase revenues. Whether your club has already started adding spa services or not, the Cocoon Wellness Pro System will be a welcome addition to your offerings.


While the Cocoon Wellness Pro System is a proven, profit center, it can also provide your business with one of the industry’s most effective marketing tools. Its low per session operating cost, universal appeal and hands-free / attendant free operation lends itself to variety of successful sales and marketing strategies that will help increase profits for the entire business.

Adding the Cocoon to your business creates excitement and will bring in brand new customers who will also purchase your existing products and services. In addition, offering the Cocoon will demonstrate to your customers that you strive to provide them with the highest value for their membership packages.

Sessions and packages on the Cocoon can be sold independently of other services – or bundled together with memberships to add more value and profits. The low operating cost and high perceived value of Cocoon sessions and packages makes it an effective ‘sales tool’ to help sell more of everything you offer. For example, skin care and health & wellness products become fast sellers when you combine a few ‘free’ sessions on the Cocoon with each purchase.