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Cocoon Science, Technology & Engineering = Total Body Transformation System


 Thermal Fusion: The Key to Health, Wellness & Weight Loss

Inside the Cocoon, the body is encapsulated by (2) types of thermal energy. Direct Heat (DH), like that produced by traditional saunas and Infrared (IR) wavelengths, which warm the body when they are absorbed through the skin. Fusing the two forms of energy together (DH & IR) inside the pod creates an atmosphere of Thermal Dynamic Energy. This provides the ideal environment to help you achieve your health, wellness, and weight loss goals.

Inside the pod, the heated air (DH) cycles continuously through a series of ventilation portals. The constant movement of the air energizes the molecules and intensifies the level of heat generated. The Infrared (IR) wavelengths, created by specially designed IR emitters, are well known among health & wellness advocates for their therapeutic properties and the ability to gently warm, relax and soothe the body.


The combination of active DH & IR wavelengths helps the body to perspire quickly and effectively. As your pores open, toxins and impurities are released and the body begins the process of rejuvenation. Activating the unit’s Dual Wave Massage System and /or performing resistance based exercises using the FIT-BED option, will dramatically enhance the effectiveness of the system.

Designed for Comfort

The hypothalamus, which is in the brain, is often referred to as the thermostat of the body as it helps regulate our body’s response to changes in temperature.   The Cocoon’s innovative design keeps your head outside the pod during the session – where flowing, refreshing air cools the head and facial areas.  While most people can only endure a few minutes in an enclosed sauna, this feature lets you experience and enjoy the benefits of the Thermal Dynamic Energy generated inside the pod (up to 190˚f) for extended periods of time.