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Performing Resistance Based Exercises within the Cocoon’s Thermal Dynamic Environment
allows you to firm and tone the body, strengthen muscles and burn calories at an accelerated pace.

Cocoon Wellness Pro – featuring FIT-BED

The Cocoon is equipped with (2) Resistance Bands mounted to the lounge at the foot-end of the system. These can be used during the session to perform a variety of exercises that target the abs, arms, legs, shoulders, neck, and core.

Isometric, Resistance Based Exercisescwp-crossover-curls-male-profile-open2_nl_-copy

Isometric exercises typically involve the contracting of each muscle group for 1-6 seconds and then releasing. Using the resistance bands to perform curls etc., while lying on an ergonomically contoured, horizontal plane allows you to focus strength training on each specific muscle group – without any jarring impact or unnecessary stress. And, since your feet are not touching the ground (which would lessen resistance effect) you are working all the muscle groups more effectively and efficiently.

You will be amazed at how quickly you will see results and begin to feel more fit and toned when exercising with the resistance bands within the Thermal Dynamic Environment of the Cocoon.

Thermal Dynamic Environment – Burns More Calories

Simply lying in the Cocoon during a high heat session can help burn up to 300 calories. Adding resistance based exercises to each session can potentially increase calorie burn by up to 50% and more – per session!