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How Manny Pacquiao Increases his Elite Boxing Skills and Physical Endurance

It takes commitment, a team of professionals, and most recently, technological advancements to get ahead of the game and become a world-class athlete. Hours of physical endurance training are now off-set with pain management, to help sore muscles recover faster. Additionally, holistic methods, like hyperthermic conditioning are more common to help athletes get the upper edge in their performance. Manny Pacquiao, world-class boxer, and athlete is one athlete that uses hyperthermic conditioning with his Cocoon Wellness Pro Pod™ to help increase his athletic performance.   

Manny Pacquiao and the Cocoon for Performance

In 2017, Manny Pacquiao was presented the “Philippine Man-of-the-Year” award along with a Cocoon Wellness Pro Pod™ wellness system. According to Steve Daffer, the USA inventor of the Cocoon IR Wellness Pro Pod, Pacquiao will be using the innovative Cocoon for body and mind wellness, elite fitness, hyperthermic conditioning, enhanced reflexes, and hand-speed.

In fact, when Manny Pacquiao is using the Cocoon, he is receiving a wide range of holistic benefits to help improve his athletic performance. This non-medical form of wellness therapy is beneficial to athletes of all types to help improve their performance without the use of illegal enhancement drugs.

Pacquiao Cocoon

Pacquiao using the Cocoon Wellness Pro Pod

Increased Fitness Endurance

With regular use of hyperthermic conditioning and the Cocoon Wellness Pro Pod, Manny Pacquiao can increase his physical endurance, giving him more time in the ring.  In fact, a recent study

done by Scoon et al. (2007) concluded that by using hyperthermic conditioning post workout, athletes could increase their time to exhaustion by 32%. For a boxer, this translates into a couple seconds longer in the ring before becoming physically exerted.

Because the Cocoon Pod lets Pacquiao experience higher heat than a traditional sauna, he can tolerate more benefits that hyperthermic conditioning must offer. Essentially, the high-heat inside the pod increases blood flow post workout. This lets muscles relax while blood flow and heart rate continue to experience the benefits of an exercise-like routine.

Better Recovery Time

When boxers and athletes turn to sports medicine, they expect faster recovery times and increases in endurance. Hyperthermic conditioning with high heat sessions helps by relaxing and elongating the muscles, connective tissues, and adhesions. This increases flexibility and, most importantly for boxers like Manny Pacquiao, speeds recovery time after exercising.

Heat from the Cocoon Pod also helps raise Pacquiao’s core body temperature and increase his HSP’s (heat shock proteins). These HSP’s also help reduce chronic inflammation and related pain that he may be experiencing from boxing. Thus, speeding up his recovery time.

Increased Agility and Mental Awareness

Another important aspect for Pacquiao is speed, agility, and mental awareness. Boxers need fast reflexes and even faster hand-speed to win. For world-class athletes, a fraction of a second could cost them their match. Fortunately, Pacquiao is among an elite group of boxers with lighting fast hand-speed and punches.

To keep his agility, mental awareness, and speed at the top of his game, Pacquiao incorporates hyperthermic conditioning into his training routine. Furthermore, in a study done by Kukkonen-Harjula et al. it was proven that frequent use of high-heat sessions helped increase norepinephrine by 310%. Norepinephrine is responsible for calling the body to action. Its levels are higher during wakefulness or extreme alertness. (Think of it as one of the fight-or-flight response chemicals.) Crucial for increasing mental awareness and speed.

Manny Pacquiao and Steve Daffer

Pacquiao and Cocoon Inventor Steve Daffer discussing the health benefits of the Cocoon Wellness Pro Pod

Hyperthermic Conditioning with the Cocoon Wellness Pro Pod

Fortunately, hyperthermic conditioning is a holistic, performance-enhancing technique. It requires no drug enhancing formulas and is easily done after each workout session. The Cocoon Wellness Pro Pod fuses this traditional technique with advanced technology for increased benefits and comfort. For Manny Pacquiao, this is the next step in increasing his athletic performance.

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